Aurora Gratitude Scholars at UWC Dilijan

Owing to the Aurora Gratitude Schoarship Programme, ten young people had the opportunity to become a part of the UWC movement and get access to high quality education.

Trip to Ijevan

Anastasiia's story of her first experience of travelling outside Dilijan. During the first Project Week at UWC Dilijan a group of DP1 students went to Ijevan, the centre of Tavush region.

Western, Russian and Armenian Easter

A public holiday, dedicated to the celebration of Easter in countries where Christianity is a state religion.

Armenian Genocide Memorial Day

The commemoration day of the victims of the first genocide in 20th century.
20 - 24

Project Week 2017

This is the second Project Week of this academic year: students have proposed their projects to be implemented in different regions of Armenia and Georgia.