Community Projects

Service is one of the most important components students at UWC schools and colleges are entitled to complete as a part of their IB Diploma Programme (DP). Since 2014 students of UWC Dilijan have initiated various service projects in cooperation with local organisations. The majority of them are ongoing and have been passed from generation to generation. Nevertheless, every new generation brings their own ideas of how to contribute to the development of Dilijan and the wider Armenian community.

"I regard it as the foremost task of education to insure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self denial, and above all, compassion." Kurt Hahn, founder of UWC Atlantic College

Dilinglish Project

In their desire to give back to the college technical staff of the college, those whom the students meet every day for two years, the students initiated a project to teach English to the children of the staff – Dilinglish. This initiative received an overwhelmingly positive response, with almost 100 children signing up. The students separated the children in six age-groups and recruited about 30 students as teachers. The lessons are held twice a week.


Orran Student Service Group is a bridge for professional collaboration between UWC Dilijan and the Orran NGO in Vanadzor. The NGO is committed to its mission of getting kids off the streets and engaging them in academic and cultural activities, as well as identifying and developing children’s interest towards a working career. UWC Dilijan students contribute through organising English lessons and developing games for the children aged 6-18 from economically deprived families.


The Greenhouse project was pioneered by the first generation of UWC Dilijan students and passed to the next generations, becoming a continuing long-term programme. The Greenhouse aims to become a self-sustaining project to provide an opportunity for UWC Dilijan students and local youngsters to explore the agricultural potential of the region and develop an interest towards the cultivation of ecologically clean produce. Maintaining the Greenhouse will be a joint experience for both the international student body and youngsters from Dilijan.

Ceramics with the Community

The Ceramics with the Community project is aimed at engaging the community in collaborative artistic endeavours. During the weekly meetings in the UWC Dilijan ceramics studio, the students together with up to 10 pupils from Dilijan learn how to work with clay, to paint and glaze their finished products and make souvenirs.

Science with Kids

Science with Kids is a social service CAS that aims at bringing young children as close to the natural sciences as possible. The main objective is to enlighten the scientific interest in the local youngsters and help them realise their potential. The CAS engages pupils from Dilijan schools, giving them the opportunity to experience the joy of science.


Rhi-Zone is a sustainability-aimed project led by UWC Dilijan students, which provides a platform for unemployed women of Dilijan to produce and sell plain and souvenir inspired eco-bags on the Armenian market. The project aims at generating social awareness about plastic pollution through promoting the use of reusable cloth bags in Armenia, and enabling local women to use their skills to provide an income source for themselves and improve their economic and social status.