Student Council

The Student Council is elected on a termly basis. The Student Council is comprised of 8 members; there are 6 Toon representatives and 2 core members. The Toon representatives are elected in each Toon, while the core members are elected by the entire College. Every member of the Student Council has a specific role within the Student Council structure, in addition to the common role of being the voice of all students within the UWC Dilijan community. The roles are as follows:

  • Health liaison: responsible for the communication between peer listeners, the medical centre, the cafeteria and the rest of the community regarding physical and mental health concerns;
  • Committee manager: responsible for communication and support of committees in the community;
  • Communications manager: responsible for the production of minutes every meeting and for the update of the Student Council board;
  • SMT liaison: link between Student Council and Senior Management Team, through weekly meetings;
  • Policy crafter: Proofreads and formalises Student Council policies and proposals;
  • Meeting facilitator: responsible for the weekly agenda of every meeting, the order and furthermore gives direction to, and consolidates ideas in, Student Council meetings;
  • UWC liaison: responsible for the communication and collaboration between UWCs on common issues and projects. Additionally, he/she promotes the UWC Mission and Values within UWC Dilijan College; Student also have leadership opportunities within the Student Social Committee and the Food Committee. Within the Co-Curriculum streams, there will also be further opportunities for students to lead.