Student Council

The UWC Dilijan Student Council is comprised of eight toon representatives, two selected from each of the four toons (Vardenis, Maymekh, Arpa, and Debed), and two core members, selected from the whole school. The Student Council meets routinely once a week on a day and time determined by its members.

The purpose of the council is to:

  • Serve as a full representational body of all students in the college, accommodating all voices, views, and amplifying stances of “silent minorities”.
  • Act as the medium between the student body, the college staff, and the senior management team (SMT).
  • Address different concerns raised by students in daily, academic, and residential life and propose solutions to them.
  • Oversee the implementation of new solutions and proposals.
  • Advocate for and build upon the ideas and initiatives of the student body.
  • Transfer information between the Toons and Student Council meetings.

Roles within the Student Council

  • UWC Liaison
  • Residential Liaison
  • Policy Crafter
  • Senior Management Team Liaison
  • Health Liaison
  • Extra-curricular Liaison
  • Communications Manager
  • Meeting Facilitator