Yaroslav Zabavskiy

Teacher of Visual Arts



  • BA in Studio Arts – Earlham College (USA)
  • International Baccalaureate - UWC Atlantic College (Wales)


I am a UWC Atlantic College alumnus, where I was inspired to take up photography by my mentor James Mendelssohn. During my studies at Earlham College I fell in love with ceramics and the Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi.

Here at UWCD I teach Visual Arts with an emphasis on ceramics, sculpture as well as darkroom based film photography. My goal is to encourage students to find their own artistic voice through experimentation, research, and constant technical development.

In my personal work I explore various printing processes, including transferring photographs onto clay.

Find more at www.yarozabavskiy.com.

Best experience at UWCD

Seeing and feeling that same magical UWC spirit that I remember from my own education. I have never thought I can experience it again. What a joy!

"Go slow," said the snail.
"Hop hop," said the hare.
"Pace yourself," said the cheetah. "It's a long run."

- M.C. Richards