Frequently Asked Questions

My English is not good. Can I still host a student?

Yes, our students try to learn basic Armenian to be able to communicate when shopping or any other daily activities with locals. This will be a very good opportunity for them to improve their Armenian or Russian. We have notice that both non English speaking families and students have have built a strong relationship.

Can I host a student if I don’t live in Yerevan?

Yes, we are grateful to host families, regardless of where they live. UWC Dilijan with the student will arrange transportation from campus to your home.

Can I be a host if I live outside of Armenia?

If you are a UWC parent or if one of the members of UWC Dilijan community can recommend you, then this is possible.

I would like to host a student, but I am not sure if I can host for the whole period requested. Can I still be a host?

We are always looking for host families, and appreciate your generosity in hosting a UWC Dilijan student. While it would be ideal if you could host the student for the time required, we will be still happy to consider you as a host family for the period of time you do have available.

We can’t afford a separate bedroom for our student guess, can we still host a student and suggest a shared bedroom with my child?

Our students share bedrooms in our campus, too. So it will be fine if they share a bedroom with your child.

Am I responsible for the costs/fees related to hosting?

The host family are asked to provide meals, keeping the house warm and providing laundry equipment to the student.

Can I host more than one student?

Yes, this is possible and some host families have done this in the past.

Can we choose our student?

We usually try to consider host families’ preferences but we may not be able to fully meet these preferences. However, we will certainly speak with the host family to make sure they are happy to have the student we suggest.

Our children are already grown, so we do not have any children at home. Can we still host a student?

Yes, we have had families where all members of the host family are adults and they were wonderful hosts.

We are a family with 2 or 3 generations living in a house. Can we host a student?

Yes! This will be a wonderful opportunity for the student to get acquainted with more traditional Armenian family and it will be fun with more people there.