Scholae Mundi

Scholae Mundi Armenia Foundation is one of the three Charity Foundations (Scholae Mundi Armenia, Scholae Mundi Russia и Scholae Mundi UK) that compound the Scholae Mundi Platform established by entrepreneurs and philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend.

The mission of Scholae Mundi Armenia Foundation is to diversify the educational scene in Armenia by supporting the socially-oriented innovative projects and initiatives in the areas of education, arts and culture, to promote Armenia internationally and to strengthen the positive impact on the communities locally in Armenia and globally. Its current projects include development of the scholarship program to support further education of the UWC graduates in Armenia and abroad, in top world universities, as well as to make it possible for Armenian talented youth to participate in the programs of the Scholae Mundi Platform. The Foundation is also aimed at an establishment of an Educational Cluster in Dilijan that would unite the leading educational institutions in the region and develop the strongest synergy among them for the benefit of all the participants.

Scholae Mundi Platform promotes, on a non-for profit basis, the most advanced educational practices for the public benefit, while catalyzing wider social change, It particularly supports education of students at UWC Dilijan, an international IB school in Armenia, and other educational establishments mainly by providing funds for capital development and scholarships. The major focus of the Platform now includes expansion of the partners’ network in the fields of education, research, training, and development in launching new internationally-recognized educational platforms, programs, and initiatives.

Further information is available on the Scholae Mundi website.