Volunteering Opportunities

UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of a network of volunteers to promote UWC and select future students, these are called national committees. A wide variety of individuals make up UWC national committees including UWC alumni, education professionals and community leaders. They promote UWC to prospective students, encourage and support applications, select students and prepare students for their UWC experience. Some national committees also run short programmes.

Some countries have a selection contact rather than a national committee; this is an individual responsible for selecting students from a particular country. There are national committees and selection contacts in over 145 countries

If you are interested in getting involved in your country, contact your National Committee by selecting your country from the list.

If you are interested in finding out about volunteering opportunities at UWC Dilijan, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at k.yankelevich@rvvzfoundation.org.