College Tours

Dear visitors, please, note, visits are limited during summer period, for more information, please, contact


UWC Dilijan community is open to everyone and we are more than happy to offer you guided tours inside the college.

On regular college term times we offer a 40-minute tour during which you will be presented to College’s diverse community and walk around the campus area, visit the academic premises, labs and classrooms where students study, the sports hall. Also, you will have an opportunity to talk to members of our community.

The college tours are led by UWCD students: they will share with you the experience they had here, tell you about various activities they carry out both inside the college and off the campus, together with the local community.

Our prospective students, their parents and all those interested can take this informative tour on College Open Days. Here you can get acquainted with our curriculum, co-curricular activities, suggested subjects while enjoying your walk and wonderful nature of Dilijan. Please follow the UWC Armenia FB page to learn about upcoming dates.

In order to maintain the students’ proper schedule and comply with college hours, we would like to ask you to give us at least 2 days’ notice.

Please have a look at the Visitor's Declaration and Visitor's Agreement that you will be asked to fill in and sign upon your visit.

Welcome to UWC Dilijan!