Project Weeks

Project Weeks are a defining feature of the UWC Dilijan experience: students leave their regular schedules to take part in the intensive experiential learning projects that give them the opportunity to apply their learning in practice, to better understand the region, and to develop skills of leadership, planning and inter-personal communication. Often partnering with allied organisations, students suggest projects but can also use existing community links to further develop projects. Examples of Project Weeks include:

  • Hiking and camping;
  • Running activities in SOS villages;
  • Art in the community;
  • Building affordable houses together with Fuller Housing Project.

The aims of each Project Week are for students and staff to:

  • Actively involve any local community it encompasses;
  • Remain anchored in measurable impact – let’s continually “raise the bar”;
  • Be fully managed from proposal to planning to execution and reflection;
  • Represent UWCD with utmost care and consideration; Students are responsible for the logistics of each Project Week, from arranging transport and accommodation to making connections with the community, where relevant. Staff provide support and guidance to each group where needed; there are usually two members of staff working with each group.