A Curtain Call: theater showcase by DP2 students

A collection of lines is a play, and a meaningful collection of lines is a good play. But plays are not just to be read and set aside; they need people to bring them to life. This is what theater arts students learn, and it is often much harder work then than most people imagine. After two years of exploring theater arts, the DP2 students marked the end of their long and difficult journey here with a fantastic showcase of solo performances as well as a group performance.

On April 10, DP2 students of UWC Dilijan presented their final work – a theater showcase for all the students and the college faculty. The students staged eight diverse and powerful pieces on topics such as mental health, women’s rights in Armenia, farewells and privilege. Some were excerpts from well-known plays while others were written by the students themselves.

In the first piece, Ophelia from Hamlet gave out flowers as she mourned the loss of her father. Another one showed us a woman who could not escape the ropes tying her to her family. The third piece was the story of a student exploring privilege on a rainy day, and the final piece depicted a woman committing suicide and the Japanese dance of her soul. As they proudly accepted the applause from the delighted audience, they understood that the outpouring of emotion from the spectators was something they had been working towards for two years.

“We all wanted more when the performances ended and left with new thoughts and a new experience. As a first year theater arts student, I am excited and inspired for all of my classes’ performances that are yet to come”, said Isabelle, one of the DP1 students. Theatre at UWC Dilijan is a blend of theory and practice. By taking on the roles of playwright, director, designer, and performer, students are engaging with theatre both as an aesthetic form, and as a tool with which
to intervene in social and political realities.