Confidence and Disappointment on UWC Dilijan Football Pitch

Yesterday, on 28 September, the second football match between students and staff happened. For the second time the staff participated, full of enthusiasm although a bit hopeless after last year’s failure. On the other side of the pitch, the students, were determined and fresh. This year there was participation of a larger number of girls, in both teams, thanks to the Beginners Football CAS giving the opportunity to amateurs to try their chances in sports that are usually reserved for the skilled.

The match starts. The atmosphere is tense and the weather does not help: once more the Dilijan sun does not show up. It’s drizzling and players fall, but the will to win overcomes. They get up tirelessly, supported by the joy and cheering of the fans. Laughter and bitter comments are shared outside but some new talent is also discovered: the first years brought skills and surprises. In fact, the first half on the match ends with the expected victory of the students who, keeping high their spirits, are faithful that, as part of the UWC movement, Unity is Strength.

Dinner time is drawing near, and the students hope to finish the match soon, to avoid the long queue at the dining hall, and are confident of the unequivocal victory. But the situation reverses suddenly in the second half: the staff scores more and more frequently till drawing. The fans are quiet and shocked at the same time: the young players start losing their faith. It stops raining. The past does not repeat itself, and the match ends with the victory of the staff: 4-3 compared to last year’s score of 0-7. The match ends with the staff full of joy and students leaving for the dining hall with their heads down. There’s neither enthusiasm nor triumphant announcements in the cafeteria.

Another lesson learnt as being a part of the UWC movement: life is unpredictable and do not lay in a bed of self-confidence. Give your best all the times.

From the spectator’s bench,

Giulia, Italy, UWCD'17