Cultural Weeks at UWC Dilijan

From Africa and Middle East to Asia and Caucasus.

With the beginning of a new academic year at UWC Dilijan the sessions of cultural weeks from students of various countries and of diverse cultural backgrounds have begun, aiming to transform the college atmosphere and to travel to different parts of the world our students come from. Over the first term the college moved from Caucasus to Asia, from Middle East to Africa, presenting unique traditions, from cuisine to national dresses, music and weekend performances.

During each cultural week by sharing their unique cultures and traditions with others the students had the opportunities to learn about and share the international experience that brings a profound and lifelong change in their understanding of one another. For the spring term the turn will come for Eastern and Western Europe, Post-Soviet countries and countries of Latin America.

Pictures by Thawdar Zin, DP1 Student and Elena Vasileva, DP2 Students