Dilijan’s Got Talent

On Friday night, the UWCD atrium was bustling with different languages and cultures all cooking together in a big pot of songs, dances and recitals. Students unleashed the weekend mood with a talent show, organised together with pupils from local Dilijan schools and the Dilijan Community Centre.

UWC Dilijan in collaboration with the Dilijan Community Centre launched the new semester with a magnificent parade of talents entitled “Dilijan’s Got Talent”. The event was organised by the students of the Devent CAS and attracted a large audience consisting of teachers, students, and members of the community. All of them were there to see what Dilijan had to offer.

Diversity was at heart of the event, with a wide range of performances by teachers, students and the youth of the local community. The newly arrived musician in residence Sergio opened the evening with a magnificent piano performance. The various acts that followed showed not only the talents of the participants but also the rich cultural diversity of those gathered. Amalia from Dilijan stunned the crowd with her beautiful rendition of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, followed by UWC Dilijan student Pedro who sang a beautiful song in Spanish. Our teacher Paul, also known as “Physics Paul”, revealed that he is so much beyond being a gifted teacher and received a brand-new name “Magic Paul” for his mood-lightening mathematical trick. Thandiswa, Mungo and Whitney shook the audience with their energetic dance routine featuring dance moves from different parts of Africa. An improvised band of six girls from the Dilijan Community Centre ended the night on a high note with a captivating performance of Armenian national dances.

The event was an inspiring showcase of talents and a stunning display of the cultural diversity present in our community. Over the past three years UWC Dilijan has become a unique platform, where the international students and the local youth can get together in a dialogue. The wide range of collaborative activities includes sports (Transformation Through Tennis, Football for Beginners, etc.), art (Street Art, Art in the Community) as well as various events, such as the recent European Youth Parliament school session that took place on the UWC Dilijan campus.

Through networking and collaborations, Dilijan is gradually transforming into a vibrant city where arts and culture are flourishing. With its current development plan, Dilijan has every prospect of shortly regaining its former reputation of a renowned retreat for artists and scholars.