Exploring Armenia: Museums

Life in a UWC implies cultural richness and awareness. Students become familiar with their cultural setting and ready to engage with local people in appreciation of their language, religion and history. Familiarisation with Armenian culture, religion and language is an important part of the education at UWCD: as a part of cultural integration programme, the college is organising a series of visits entitled “Explore Armenia”: during this programme students have a chance to visit local museums, monasteries and other historic sights. Furthermore, they get acquainted with the culture outside the capital during their trips to cities of major cultural and historical significance.

Last weekend the DP1 students started their “discover Armenia” mission with a museum tour in Yerevan; they visited museum of Armenian Genocide, Armenian History museum and Sergei Parajanov museum. Doing the aftermath, some of them shared their impressions about the heritage of the country.

The trip to Yerevan was a remarkable experience, because we had an opportunity to explore the rich Armenian culture. I personally became more familiar with the multifaceted Armenian history and how important it is until the present. I enjoyed exploring the country that we now call our home as well as spending time with other students and getting to know them better.

Fernanda, Germany, UWCD’18

Last Sunday we went to two museums; the first one was famous Armenian film director Sergei Parajanov’s museum. Not only was he a great director, but also a gifted artist: I was really impressed by collages he made out of little pieces of broken plates and glass. I'm very thankful for this wonderful day we had.

Rocío, Spain, UWCD’18

After visiting Sergei Paradjanov museum I was once again reassured that Armenian people have a lot of national pride. Throughout his life, Paradjanov had fought the system that somewhat suppressed how he wished to express his culture and even wound up in prison, proving just how resilient he is. Add this to the Museum of the Armenian Genocide and some of the facts we learned there, and one can see that national pride (something not expressed in a similar way back in the USA) is a huge part of the culture and feeds people beyond their own will.

Cody, USA, UWCD’18

“Explore Armenia” is a continuous programme, during which students and international staff are going to travel around Armenia and visit several neighbouring countries as well to get an overall perspective of the region.