Project Week - Spring 2018

You can find more photos from the PW here.

Project Week Spring 2018 as usual saw various projects spread out across the country.

Street Art Dilijan continued the work launched back in 2014 by a group of students. Every autumn and spring students choose a venue in Dilijan that by the end of the PW becomes a landmark for the city. This year, the team-members created a nice new photo point in Dilijan near the popular Café#2. They painted a wall the #WingsOfDilijan, where everyone can make nice memories.

Another group of students set off to an exciting project - the Fuller Center for Housing. This is also a recurring PW at UWC Dilijan. This time they were working on the construction site for the Chobanyan family house. The incredible feeling of pride and satisfaction were the reward for the hard work they did over the PW.

The UWC Dilijan students care about the environment and try to contribute to the sustainability of the campus and wider Dilijan. Having this in mind, the Sustainability PW worked on the expansion of the Peace Garden. They planted new flower beds, optimised the inner processes in the greenhouse.

A group of first-years keen on pottery worked in the ceramics workshop. They learned how to make clay pomegranates - little souvenirs to the graduating class.

This year the Sailing PW was lucky with the weather, and the students were able to practice their sailing skills. Balancing on the water, combination of steering and powering the sail, orienting yourself towards the wind - these were the key points the students were working on.

One of the community service Project Weeks was dedicated to providing help to the houses in the Dilijan community that needed basic maintenance. Students repainted fences and gates, did some gardening in the gardens and did some renovation works as well.