Stories from the Winter Break: Ann

During winter break I stayed in an Armenian town Alaverdi. I lived with a family of five members including children. I experienced a wаrm atmosphere full of love and care with this family.

From the first day, we went to the relatives’ house where they welcomed me as a member of their family. They offered me different types of cake, sweet and Armenian dishes.

As the mother of the house didn't speak any English, we had to use Google Translate and body language for most of our communication to understand each other. It was not easy but it was challenging and fun for us. Despite this challenge it was a great opportunity for us to learn each other's language. I felt so proud to see that she started speaking some English words after all. She wrote some common English words in Armenian language and practiced it with me every day.

I can't forget one of the relatives' birthday where we danced to traditional Armenia songs. I did not understand anything but the happiness on people faces showed me how language is not barrier for understanding people feeling.

I also visited the kindergarten next to the house. I was amused because of my passion of working with community and children. I taught them some dance moves and I got to know them. It was a new experience for me to deal with small children, between age of 3 to 4.

One of my favorite moments was when I visited one of my friends who is my co-year as well. And we spent the day with his host family; we had a good time eating Armenian dishes for Christmas. I also visited Haghpat which is an old church in Alaverdi.

Generally, my winter break was the most enjoyable and relaxing break I ever had. I strongly recommend you to visit Alverdi and enjoy the beauty of this small town that has very respectful and welcoming people. If your really looking for beautiful views and fresh air, you should visit Sanahin village.