The Armenian National Commission for UNESCO Visits Dilijan

On 18 March the representatives of the Armenian National Commission for UNESCO visited Dilijan, which has joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) in 2016. GNLC provides learning opportunities to the cities in order to “enrich human potential, promote equality and social justice, encourage economic growth, and maintain social cohesion to create sustainable prosperity”. GNLC is intended to help cities create a better future for their citizens as well as the planet, by transforming themselves into learning cities.

The visit was comprised of an official presentation at the Dilijan Municipality as well as a round tour to the main educational and cultural centers of Dilijan. During the round table at the municipality, Secretary General of the Armenian National Commission for UNESCO Amb. Vahram Kazhoyan presented UNESCO’s activity and programmes in Armenia.

"The municipality was happy to support the initiative of the Dilijan Community Center to join UNESCO's Global Network of Learning Cities," said Vice Mayor of Dilijan Armen Makaryan, opening the discussion. “There are 36 educational establishments in Dilijan that has a population of 27 thousand, and the emergence in recent years in Dilijan of such international educational centers as UWC Dilijan, the Dilijan Community Center, the Research and Training Centre of the Central Bank of Armenia, the American University of Armenia, the AYB School and the TUMO Centre for Creative Technologies has stimulated the desire in the city for lifelong learning."

Mr. Kazhoyan While joining the GNLC provides neither status/designation nor financial rewards, it does provide an opportunity to share experience, knowledge and approaches to solving problems at the international level and promotes the city through educational channels.

As part of the visit to Dilijan, the delegation visited UWC Dilijan: students organised a tour around the College, and the guests had a chance to get to know the first international co-educational boarding school in Armenia, students from over 70 countries and teaching techniques at the College.