Universities visit UWC Dilijan College

Being the final stop of the European UWCs visits, during the weekend of October 3-4 UWC Dilijan College welcomed a group of US and Canadian universities of many different types and philosophies (Bennington College; Colorado College; Earlham College; Gettysburg College; Methodist University; Quest University Canada; Ringling College of Art & Design; St. John's College; St. Olaf College; University of Oklahoma; University of Rochester; University of Saskatchewan; Wartburg College; University of Westminster; Whitman College).

These had been all universities that offer significant scholarships or financial aid opportunities for UWC student, and that are very keen to recruit students from the network.

The purpose of their visit was to introduce the students to their institutions, to help them understand details of the application process and to interview our students.

Pictures by Elena Vasileva, DP2 Student