UWC Dilijan Issues a Biannual Magazine

This June UWC Dilijan is publishing its first issue of the College Magazine. The Head of College Denise Davidson set up the idea, and the magazine is set to begin forming the DNA of UWC Dilijan.

The Magazine will be raising issues of the day-to-day life of the College, covering various aspects of the academic and co-curricular programmes; analysing the UWC Dilijan experience and sharing ways of overcome the problems. The articles, written by students and teachers, supporters and governors, will gradually formulate UWC Dilijan’s vision of holistic education, community development, creative and critical thinking.

The inaugural issue will feature a story about the newly set up ceramics workshop at UWC Dilijan, insights from several teachers, college news, alumni stories, student publications and much more.

John Guyatt, one of the governors of the school talks about the importance of the school in integrating the College into the life of the community and increasing the mutual impact. “Promoting the image of Armenia as a centre of learning and a regional educational hub appeals to me, as Armenians have always had a reputation as a clever people deeply committed to education”, he says.

Laura Bailey, World Bank Country Manager for Armenia and a great supporter of the UWC mission, shares her impression of working with the school since its foundation in 2014.

Also, the readers will have the chance to follow Tom Roby’s “A Day in the Life of a UWC Dilijan Teacher”. The History and Economics Teacher unveils what life is like for a teacher at the College.

This and so much more will feature in the first issue of the UWC Dilijan Magazine. Governors, teachers, alumni and students, everyone participated in making this happen. With contributions from all these people, the Magazine will be recording the history of UWC Dilijan.