UWC Dilijan Meets the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge

UWC Dilijan is delighted to announce that with the help of all the contributors, friends and supporters of the College, it has met the goal of the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge. The Challenge was aimed at increasing the number of individual donors to unlock matched-funding to the value of $1 million provided by Mr. Shelby Davis, a benefactor of the UWC movement.

UWC Dilijan was fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of the philanthropic initiative of the Shelby Davis foundation. This Challenge not only expanded our large multicultural family by adding new donors from around the world; it also attracted several of the first generation of alumni to themselves become contributors. Giving back to the community is a vital concept for all UWC colleges: during the recent UWC Congress, the delegations from across all 16 colleges discussed how important it is for the alumni to stay connected and give back to their community in any way possible. UWC Dilijan alumni becoming donors for future scholarships, and giving an opportunity to talented young people to become a part of this family, is the best example of complying with the UWC mission statement.

Earlier this year, Mr. Shelby Davis made a $15 million gift to UWC International to be used exclusively for the establishment of a matched incentive plan enhancing scholarship giving across all schools. Every school (15 at the moment), including UWC Dilijan, received the opportunity to collect a $1 million contribution from Mr. Davis, if they could match the funding via additional donations. The programme was aimed at fostering the students’ understanding of philanthropy.

Current alumni of UWC Dilijan had the chance to meet Mr. Davis in person during the opening ceremony of the school. “One of the inspiring moments of this meeting with Shelby Davis was when he said that he is not able to invent a cure for cancer but he is able to help those who can, and are passionate about it. From that I learned a very important lesson about the importance of giving and sharing benefits with others to make a change in this world!” said Rayan, Sudan, UWCD'16, a current student of the St. Olaf College (USA).

The gift by Shelby Davis will be spent as an endowment to provide scholarships for young people from conflict zones to attend UWC Dilijan. The UWC movement puts a special emphasis on giving young people of all backgrounds the chance to attend UWC colleges, which are centres of diversity thanks to UWC’s commitment to providing as much scholarship support as possible.