UWC Dilijan Students to Participate in Diamond Challenge Final

Two UWC Dilijan Social Entrepreneurship Club projects have made it to the final round of the Diamond Challenge – the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit at the University of Delaware on 7 April. Four DP1 students have put forward ideas that will help to develop Dilijan and the wider region, improve living standards of and increase sustainability.

The first project is Dilishakel, which proposes collecting plastic waste from the Tavush dumping site, compressing it into plastic sheeting and using it as wall fillings that will improve insulation for old or poorly constructed houses. This project will help low-income families survive the severe winters without having to spending a fortune on heating with natural gas or electricity. Dilishakel is also intended to improve waste management in the region by reducing the amount of plastic waste, which, aside from spoiling the view also carries various health risks.

The project’s authors, Katharina (Germany) and Yuyang (China), are planning on targeting a specific social group of disabled people as employees, taking into consideration the challenges they face on the local labor market.

Overall, the project is designed to address three major social problems in Dilijan

in an affordable, sustainable and effective way.

Rayan (Sudan) and Simon (Austria) authored the second project, entitled DonArt. The objective of the project is to help start-ups and youth NGOs raise funding without having to chase after international grant programmes and working in full autonomy. The idea behind DonArt is to unite local shops, museums, galleries and entertainment centres into a single holding. These venues will give back a certain percentage of the total purchase by every customer, which then will be donated to one of the start-ups or NGOs of their choice. All the partner organisations will have unique labels, showing that they are supporting the cause.

Service CASes are aimed at putting forward projects that will foster the development of Dilijan in various aspects and also engage the local community. This is an integral part of the IB Diploma programme that teaches the students to give back to the community they call their home and complies with the UWC mission of “uniting people, nations and cultures”.