UWC Dilijan Supporting Ecotourism in the Region

On 8 February UWC Dilijan is launching a first aid skills training session in cooperation with the Dilijan National Park. The employees of the National Park will be taught essential skills for ensuring visitor security in emergency situations.

UWC Dilijan pays particular attention to the preservation of the environment and values environmental education as an integral activity in encouraging positive behaviour. One of the main objectives of the College is to contribute to the development of ecotourism on the territory of the Dilijan National Park, the primary tool being maintaining internationally accepted standards, so that visitors are safe and free to enjoy the scenic landscape.

As a starting point, UWC Dilijan is organising first aid training for the employees of the Dilijan National Park. During these courses, the employees of the park will learn essential skills making them ready to deal with any emergency. The training will be compliant with the highest international standards worldwide. Once this first phase is complete, the College and the National Park are planning on organising a Young Rangers’ Environmentalists’ Club for the young people from Dilijan and neighbouring villages. The members will be volunteering at the Dilijan National Park, learning the basics of biology, botany, environmental protection and making their own contribution to the preservation of the forest fund in Armenia.

These projects are part of the UWC Dilijan Outdoor Education Programme. The idea behind the programme is to engage the college community in various outdoor activities, testing their abilities and discovering the picturesque surroundings of Dilijan. In addition, this cooperation will also share valuable experience with the community of Dilijan and employees of the Dilijan National Park, laying the groundwork for new collaborative projects in the future.