UWC Impact Stories

On 1 July UWC International introduced the “UWC Impact Stories”, featuring the most urgent challenge the society is facing today - Refugees. UWC has been committed to supporting refugees in many different ways for years, including providing scholarships to refugee students and UWC schools and colleges being actively engaged with local refugee initiatives. Now, UWC as a family of schools and colleges has committed to greatly increase its capacity to support students from refugee backgrounds as part of a number of UWC Refugee Initiatives. To start, UWC is aiming to bring in up to 100 refugee students per year on full scholarships from 2017 onwards.

In order to reach this ambitious goal UWC is delighted to have entered into a partnership with NGO Blue Rose Compass (BRC), which has extensive access to potential UWC candidates in refugee camps around the world. UWC and BRC will share the tasks of intensive fundraising, promotion, student recruitment and preparation. Additional valued UWC supporters of refugee scholarships in 2016 include the Horizon Foundation which supports total 21 refugee/displaced or in other ways marginalised young people and 100 Lives who set up a scholarship programme for young people in the MENA region affected by conflicts. Together they are sponsoring eight additional refugee scholars from Syria starting from August 2016.

If you wish to contribute or would like more information on UWC Refugee Initiatives, get in touch at fundraising@uwc.org.

Source www.uwc.org