UWCD Graduation events 2016

Smiles and tears, farewells and hugs - this was the first graduation ceremony all about. Here is the video story of UWC Dilijan pioneer students getting ready for one of the most remarkable days of their lives. This has been a long and important journey for everyone. These young people formed the traditions and the essence of the college and now they are handing over their experience to UWCD generations to come, hoping that they cradle those and make their own contribution to the sustainable future.

Farewells at UWCD started long before the graduation day itself and included several formal and non-formal events organised in UWC Dilijan specific spirit of one big family. During the bonfire two days before the graduation, the college community spent a cozy evening around the fire, singing to the tunes of guitar. Following, the graduating students had a gala dinner with the faculty and staff. A lot of stories were told that day, stories that comprised these two vibrant years spent at UWCD – sincere, personal, funny, enlightening.

Have a quick peek at the graduation ceremony preparations; share the memories of this joyous day with us, while we’re looking back to 94 students from around the world saying goodbye to their friends, mentors and beautiful scenery of Dilijan.