Visual Arts students had their first exhibition

Finally, after nearly two years of incredibly hard work and dedication, the UWCD visual arts students got a chance to display their stunning creations. The first ever UWCD Art Exhibition opened Sunday afternoon on a cold and dark day, but the atmosphere inside the exhibition tent could not have been more inviting. The UWCD band performed while patrons from the college, Dilijan and abroad moved slowly through the exhibition. Hors d’oeuvres and warm coffee occupied our bodies as the artwork occupied our minds. There were paintings, photographs, mosaics, statues, and a live exhibition showcasing an astounding array of talent. Many people present were humbled and inspired by the creative energy filling the exhibition space.

The event was honored by the presence of a number of curators and artists from Yerevan, as well as Clementine Deliss, curator and Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Study in Berlin, and Sona Hovhannisyan, the director of the successful Yerevan Perspectives music festival. After introductions and statements of gratitude by the thirteen talented arts students, Sally Norris, our deputy head, gave a short thank you speech. In her address she proudly highlighted that many of the artists presented were going to continue their career in arts. Some of them have already been offered places in several renowned colleges from around the world.

Following, the guest of honor Clémentine Deliss, expressed her excitement at the number of bright
enthusiastic young people in the room. “Today art more than ever is supposed to raise questions. Each of these works is inspiring and aims far beyond the walls of this college”. She also expressed hope that the young artists will make their contribution to the very first art Observatory in Dilijan, which going to be set up between August 18 and September 21.

Students shared their gratitude towards the amount of work implemented by the visual arts class teacher Kevin Hopkins, who inspired all of them and made the exhibition come true.

The exhibition will remain on display until April 10. The college is looking forward to next year’s exhibition and congratulates the arts students for their achievements.