The Next Chapter - Life After UWC

We contemplate a lot on how to fulfil the UWC experience. We give definitions, formulas that lead us into subjectively constructing a multifaceted experience having the UWC mission at its basis. Once you are done constructing your 2-year-old building, what do you do next? Do you let yourself be embraced by the free fall of nostalgia? Do you seek for some new materials to continue your project? But will the project be as beautiful as it was when the same material cannot be found?

A month after my graduation it struck me - I missed the "balanced chaos" UWC Dilijan had. Retrospectively, I could not be more wrong in saying that I needed three months of rest. I wanted the same drive. And in my mind, there was one thought; “the next place just better be as good as Dilijan!”

Once you are done constructing your 2-year-old building, what do you do next?

The next place turned out to be different, simply different. On the campus we, UWC people, bonded very fast. We had common topics and the conversations were non-stop because of the different backgrounds, opinions, and knowledge we all possessed. What we call the UWC spirit, attracted so many non-UWCers, that I, for a second, thought the world is already the better place we want to live in. Alas, I realised the bubble wouldn't stretch forever, when faced with individuals supporting racist, discriminating policies, people who are “okay” with whatever environment as long as they are not affected. Perhaps, this made me value the education at UWC Dilijan more than ever. The never ending process of learning, self-discovery and personal fight for justice and equality in our societies has became a duty me and many of my friends are entitled and honoured to carry.

I am a rising sophomore already. When reflecting on Dilijan years, I enormously miss them. Without experiencing the UWC, I would not be as happy as I was at my new home. UWC does not become your new comfort zone; it teaches you how to adapt and try to make the best out of any form of continuation you chose for yourself. Perhaps, the word continuation is the key. At the doorstep of my sophomore year at the college, I can confidently say that the UWC part of the building is beautiful, strong and unique, but the construction is not tall enough for one to solidify their personalities. I am glad to realize it and engage in more activities that develop my individual to unknown for me levels.

Edita, Armenia, UWCD'16