A Simple Café

They say, “The simpler, the better”, and this is the case in Dilijan. Simplicity is applied everywhere - houses, interactions and especially the locals, and the Café #2 is no exception. Located in the centre of Dilijan, Café #2 brings together comfort, tranquillity and amusement. Café #2 was founded with the idea of spreading education in Dilijan, the town where UWC Dilijan College was founded in 2014.

The Café also offers a wide range of dishes and drinks, varying from Armenian traditional dishes to the highlights of international café style cuisine. Nevertheless, although meals are fabulous at the Café, they are not what make it a special place. What caught my attention, was the staff - gentle and affable. The Café employs teenagers from the age of 14, providing the opportunity to get their first professional education. In fact, the Café was founded in collaboration between the IDeA Foundation and Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies, with the aim to promote education and professional assistance, and finding its place among the educational centres nestled in this town.

Through this interaction, the purpose is to bring together the local community of Dilijan and the International UWCD community, aiming to benefit from each other: by organising events, talks by experts in various fields, screening educational movies, the Café will become a cosy place where working is never considered a duty, but rather a pleasure.

Last time I went there, there were people playing the guitar, some students were studying and a group of young researchers gathered there to study the geological dynamics of the region. I wondered what makes the Café such an interesting place for different generations and I think I found the answer: the simplicity, which is expressed through the modest furniture, the non-pretentious but sublime menu and the feel at - home songs, most of the time chosen to the taste of the kids. At Café #2, feeling at home comes naturally.

Article by Giulia, Italy, UWCD'17