Orran Service Group

“I can remember sitting there observing the children against a panoramic backdrop of mountains and the sun setting on Vanadzor. I was bursting with mixed feelings and with questions rumbling in my head. Honestly, how can a group of young foreign people really make a dent in the lives of these kids when even mere communication is already a huge challenge?

Working with children, especially those who face more challenging life situations, is a huge responsibility that requires consistency and the slow development of good relationships. Orran Service Group is a great experience that helped all of us as a team to develop many skills. We have built sentimental relationships with the kids (and the chances are that this new-found friendship could be a life changing experience for both of us). At least that was the case for me.” Bashar, Lebanon, UWCD'16.

Today the Orran Service Group is a bridge for professional collaboration between UWCD and the “Orran” Centre. The team has now become a group of 20 students who are very compassionate and determined to promote the mission of “Orran” Centre. Moreover, they aim at reaching outside communities to raise funds and find sponsors for the establishment of similar centres throughout the Republic of Armenia.