Pass It On

Attending UWC Dilijan has entrenched in me curiosity about the world, a need for diversity, a passion for learning, and an enthusiasm about challenges. This leads me to say that UWC Dilijan is not just a humbling opportunity, but a “sustainable opportunity”. I say this because this school not
only gave me knowledge; it gave me an education which has reached all the way into my life. After attending UWC Dilijan for eighteenth months, I feel more inquiring, reflective and intellectual, stronger and more aware.

I am inspired by the Armenian culture for being so hospitable, loyal and warm. These are the traits I can see everywhere - from my Armenian roommate to a woman in a mountain shed offering me and my hiking group Armenian coffee while her husband is stuffing apples into our backpacks. It is memories like these, and countless memories with my international friends or academic explorations, that make my heart bewildered when I When I was told I would be going to UWC Dilijan I was, of course, overjoyed. Nevertheless, I had no idea what to expect. Soon, I realized, however, that it did not matter. Whichever path I chose could fulfill my potential to develop in the manner I wanted to. I made friends for a lifetime - from different countries and continents. This was not only important because it expanded my political views, but rather because living with all these people helped me to know myself. Now I know I will only be content with myself if I go somewhere where I will have a positive impact on the society around me – not just on myself or those close to me. The beauty of the Caucasus mountains and the open doors of Armenian try to express what a deep impact UWC Dilijan has had on me.

What I am most grateful for about UWC Dilijan, however, is that, while this school opens doors to some of the best universities in the world, it also highlights to us that education goes beyond an academic institution. Education is to be found in our mistakes, travels, human interactions, challenges undertaken, and through the process of reflection. I therefore cannot stress enough what a holistically empowering experience UWC Dilijan has been. To conclude, I feel piercingly aware of how lucky I am to attend UWC Dilijan and I am grateful to all the donors and sponsors. I will strive to transform the privileges and opportunities we are granted here – as someone said, “pass it on”.

Victoria, Denmark, UWCD’16