Science With Kids

Science Department has been running Science with Kids service since the very foundation of the College in 2014. The aim of the service is to create bonds with all local schools and to motivate local kids to go further into exploring their abilities, through helping them to understand the fundamental concepts of natural sciences. It has also a very important social value because it makes the College more integrated into Dilijan’s community. It also helps the involved students and local kids to learn some practical skills in working in a team and in the lab (and also to have some fun).

Students have had their own significant input in organising the CAS, starting from Saba from Ghana, who was the one who founded the service in the first place. The current generation of students who are involved in this CAS maintains the high standard of educational service work and they believe that what they do can actually be a good tool for creating bridges between people nations and cultures.

Science with Kids is a social service CAS activity that aims to bring young children as close to the natural sciences as possible. Our objective is to enlighten the scientific interest in these young children and help them realise their potential. The CAS targets all young children in Dilijan, hoping
to give them equal opportunities to realise their scientific interests.

Working with these children is simply amazing and fun. Do you want to eat ice cream made in our laboratory? Do you want to examine cells through a powerful microscope with children? Or make helicopters with children and let them try their ingenuity in making some?

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Sabastian, Ghana, UWCD’16