Social Entrepreneurship Club

UWCD Co-Curricular programme include three types of activities – Creativity, Activity and Service. The last component is aimed at uniting the College’s students and local youth under the power of social initiatives and work on solving different cases and issues together. Social Entrepreneurship Club is one of these initiatives: this is a business enterprise, which aims to solve social, environmental and cultural issues in communities and societies.

Social Entrepreneurship Club, so unique and different from other Services, aims to promote social entrepreneurship within our student body as well as in the local community. During the sessions, UWCD students work together with the local students from Dilijan and Yerevan to learn more about social entrepreneurship and business field. The founders of the club, DP2 students Liviu (Moldova) and Ethan (Austria) say that “they want to share their knowledge and passion about starting an enterprise from scratch and provide support for the realisation of students’ ideas.” Together with the Dilijan Community Centre, students are working on local issues and problems trying to find ways to address these issues through social entrepreneurship.

During the first phase the students will learn more about successful start-ups and Liviu and Ethan will share the experience and knowledge they have gained during past years on how to start a business and make it prosperous. After the general introduction to business and social entrepreneurship, mixed teams of UWCD students and local youth will participate in different competitions and tournaments. The teams will work on separate business models which then will be submitted to these competitions.

One of them and probably the most important is the Diamond Challenge, which is a competition for high school students, who have to come up with the most creative business plan and present it to the judges. The groups will have professional coaches who will help them to achieve success in this competition. The successful team will travel to the US in order to participate in the final stage of the competition and meet students from all over the world. The best business projects will be awarded by scholarships and money prizes. If our students will do their best, who knows, maybe some of those projects will be realised and big companies will invest money in students’ ideas and help their dreams come true.

Vaja, Georgia, UWCD’18