Stories from the Winter Break: Aldana

Experiential learning at UWC Dilijan goes far beyond the classrooms: students learn through their interactions with their peers from dozens of countries from around the world and they learn from living in a new country and an absolutely new environment. Some of the students decide to spend their vacations in Armenia, engaging in volunteering projects or simply exploring the country.

I didn't initially plan to stay in Armenia during this winter break of 2016, but then the School told me about the opportunity to stay with host a family. I was supposed to stay in the city of Masis and help at the local Youth Centre during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. I thought that it might be a good opportunity to learn more about the country where I live right now, learn about the culture, the family, holidays activities and be helpful with whatever I can for the people from the Centre.

During my three weeks in Masis, I realised how similar and different at the same time is life in Armenia and in Argentina. Living with this lovely and nice Armenian host family made me feel like I am back home. All the stories that they told me about Armenia, about their traditions, the interactions with the kids and people in the Centre made this a very precious and unique experience.

Towards the New Year we played the role of Santa Clauses little dwarfs at the Masis Youth Centre, wrapping gifts, that we would later distribute among families. We went to hospitals and to peoples’ homes, giving out presents and trying to make the holiday season special for the kids in Masis.

It turned out that in Armenia New Year is celebrated not just one day, not even two days, but an entire week! It was of course very different from how we spend the New Year in Argentina, but I very much enjoyed the celebrations. I think every student should try and spend some time with host families during these two years. The experience, the impressions you get are amazing and it in fact is an experiential learning – the language, the culture, the values of the family you live with.

Aldana, Argentina, UWCD’18

UWC Dilijan is a big multicultural family and we always look to get even bigger. Armenian families that host our students have become the part of UWC community and our very dear friends. Living in a host family, our students get a chance to explore the local culture, language and people. Some of them do internships and volunteering work, but generally, they are willing to explore various regions of the country.

You can become a part of our big family by hosting one of our students during the summer/winter breaks. This is going to be an enriching experience and maybe a good opportunity to take up a new language!

Please, write to our Admissions Office | | if you feel like becoming a host family.