Stories from the Winter Break: Farah

At first I thought that I’d better spend the winter travelling to another country, because I thought I still had time to travel around Armenia, but I was totally wrong.

Armenia has a lot of places that I would never have the chance to visit if not for this holiday season. One of these places is Yeghegnadzor, a city in the south of Armenia, I have never heard about it before I got an email saying that I’m going to be hosted in a family in Yeghegnadzor.

The time I spent with this family was so awesome, I had a lot of fun spending time at the grandma’s house and playing different games with the family. On 31 December, the whole family gathered to celebrate the New Year, it was the first time I was celebrating the New Year away from home, and it was amazing. I went with my host family to Noravank and I got to know more about the Armenian traditions and culture.

I was so impressed each time I discovered something common between my culture and the Armenian traditions, and I shared my culture with them and learned some about theirs. Being in Yeghegnadzor was the best thing happened to me during the winter break. It was more than meeting amazing people, I learned more about the country, I visited new places and I learned many new Armenian words. I’m so very thankful for having such a chance, and I do appreciate that.

Farah, Paletine, UWCD’18

UWC Dilijan is a big multicultural family and we always look to get even bigger. Armenian families that host our students have become the part of UWC community and our very dear friends. Living in a host family, our students get a chance to explore the local culture, language and people. Some of them do internships and volunteering work, but generally, they are willing to explore various regions of the country.

You can become a part of our big family by hosting one of our students during the summer/winter breaks. This is going to be an enriching experience and maybe a good opportunity to take up a new language!

Please, write to our Admissions Office | | if you feel like becoming a host family.