Thank you!

Dear Donors,

It has been an incredible time. I wish I could convey all the good feelings I have with regard to the UWC Dilijan experience.

I am a Brazilian student who came to UWC Dilijan at the age of 16 with vague ideas of what the struggles to make the world better and build a strong basis within any community are. I am about to leave school with the feeling that I have ability to talk about the international scenario and even believing that I am able to identify problems and find ways to eliminate them wherever I am.

The UWC experience is enriching due to the way students are selected by over 150 national committees and by the cultural diversity of its community. It was specially enriching for me because UWC Dilijan was the place that I found supportive peers and a respectable standard of teaching. I came to school with almost no English. Nowadays, I am much more comfortable with the language. I am able to talk and listen to any English speaker and express myself in a detailed and careful manner.

People taught me that the world is cruel. I do not believe that. I think my thoughts are positive about our future because there are people who bet on other people. Because there are people who trust in the competence of others. I believe our donors have given us this hope. Without the trust they have in us and without the scholarship given to me I would not be so positively changed.

The person who came to United World Colleges Dilijan is truly the same person who is leaving it. However, he is somebody who has been transformed educationally, politically, and emotionally. I matured. I became more careful with what I say. I polished my scientific, linguistic, and humanistic skills. All this is to attest that whenever you, donors, believe that you are not contributing much to the world, think of this in this way: There is nothing better in life than having opportunity to help others reach their dreams. Please, always remember Anne Frank’s words: “no one has ever become poor by giving.”

Perhaps, my words are all I can give to you right now. Perhaps, a “thank you” would be too less in comparison to what I would like to tell you. Anne Frank shines light on the fact that we do not become poor in spirit by helping others; we become certain that our short time on Earth was enough for us to change it to good.

Marcos, Brasil, UWCD'16