Trip to Ijevan

Exploring the country they call home for 2 years is an important part of the education at UWC Dilijan. Here's the story by Anastasiia, a DP1 student who had her first experience of travelling around Armenia.

Two-day long water drops were sieving cold air and pouring into our boots, thus legs became wet and started freezing. For two days we had no hot shower, and could not warm up. That is why we know that in the future, any time we go somewhere we should check the weather forecast first.

Unfortunately, we were improvident not only in terms of equipment, but also in terms of organisation. When we arrived, it turned out that we could not visit the school because no pre-arrangements had been made. We had to improvise and decided to go to explore the local market, where we learnt a second lesson; behave politely when you are a guest. To our shame, we did not. The passion for taking selfies took over. We blocked the whole road hampering pedestrians. We were so selfish taking selfies, that at the end we felt guilty and in the future tried to avoid such behavior.

Do you know the Gingerbreadman who escaped from his grandparents and got eaten by a fox? We actually felt like him when we “escaped” from college and got a lot of bumps on our heads while travelling. However, we were very positive about our trip and now want to share our experience.

Before we start let us give a small description of the place. Ijevan is similar to Dilijan, but bigger in size and it looks more developed. However, five-storey houses with balconies still stand from Soviet times, and the roads are in a bad condition; damaged, full of holes. There are many unfinished buildings, abandoned stores, garages, and the whole city, covered in golden leaves and autumn twilight, produces a miserable impression of an old monk sleeping in the mountains.

The flora is different from that in Dilijan: a greater variety of conifers is present. Permanently green trees with thin needles and brown candle-like cones appear in different shapes: it is possible to spot high slim trees with crow’s wings of dark green branches, or to notice low spreading ones with serpentine branches and gnarled trunks. The town is also separated into two parts by the river, that is affluent, muddy and fast.

Ijevan greeted our group with thick mist and heavy rain. The first lesson we learnt was a practical one - always check the weather forecast before travelling anywhere and take an extra pair of socks with you.

Anastasiia, UWCD'18