UWC Dilijan to Have a Student-Led Greenhouse

Over the last weekend of March the participants of the Greenhouse CAS launched a seed raising campaign across the College. The “UWC is Growing” event was in aid of the upcoming opening of the greenhouse and directed towards raising various seedlings to fill it. More than 500 pots with soil were planted, collecting a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flower seedlings for the new venture. Every pot was labelled with the type of plant and the name of the person who donated the seedlings. Students and staff enjoyed themselves while picking seeds and sowing them, and the sunny spring Dilijanian weather seemed to be in their favour. The curators of the project are convinced that the first green sprouts will break through the layer of soil soon, and before you know it, they will harvest the first vegetables grown right at UWC Dilijan, taking the mission of being sustainable to a whole new level.

The concept of the future greenhouse has been in development for the past two years. It is going to be a self-sustaining project that will provide an opportunity for UWC Dilijan students and local youngsters to interact with their natural habitat, explore the agricultural potential of the region and develop an interest towards the cultivation of ecologically pure goods.

In addition, the greenhouse will be a chance to engage with the local community. Maintaining the greenhouse will be a job for both the international student body and youngsters from Dilijan. In this way, the project will serve as an asset not only for UWC Dilijan, but also for the local community, a concept that complies with the ethos of the College. The project initially emerged as a CAS aiming to help youth with limited abilities to better integrate into society. The idea was to get the youth involved in building a more resilient community for the sake of the sustainable development of the region.

As a long-term objective, the students want to extend the project and involve the entire local community, which will help ensure the project's viability. With this in mind, they are planning on organising communal cooking events in cooperation with Cafe#2, showcasing their goods. Also, they intend to hold workshops and invite guest speakers in order to raise the level of expertise in the field and help to facilitate the greenhouse.

Thanks to Fernanda (Germany, UWCD'18) for the help in preparing the article.