Pastoral Counselling

UWC Dilijan is provided with a full time Pastoral Counselling Service. The overall goal of the service is to provide students and staff with the psychological facilitation and support to face the challenges of living in a cross-cultural learning/educational community.

The Service provides activities that promote the psychological well-being of individual people and of the entire community, fostering self-awareness, resilience, personal development and improving the quality and effectiveness of interpersonal relationships. In order to reach these goals, individual psychological counselling, group counselling, psychotherapy, group mediation, experiential groups and formal presentations are used.

More specifically:

  • Students who are experiencing psychological distress can ask for psychological help and take part to individual sessions psychological counselling or, if necessary, psychotherapy.
  • Students take part to experiential group activities in which they are invited to explore and improve their psychosocial skills (communication, empathy, coping with emotions, coping with stress, etc.) through role playing, psychological games and group mentalisation.
  • Students and staff members are invited to participate to activities in which psychological themes and dynamics may be explored (E.g. cinema on the couch, in which a movie is projected and afterward students and staff members share emotions and thoughts evoked by the movie).
  • A group of peer listeners is trained and supervised.
  • Training and supervision sessions for house parents and tutors are provided.

The activities of the Pastoral Counselling Service are run by a full-time psychologist/psychotherapist with the collaboration of two visiting psychologists/psychotherapists.