UWC Dilijan takes the well-being of its staff and students seriously. The dining hall serves excellent, nutritionally-balanced meals freshly prepared in our own kitchens, using predominantly locally-sourced, organic foods.

UWC Dilijan provides a rich Outdoor Education Programme, where the students explore the picturesque surroundings of Dilijan, test their abilities, gain valuable experience in camping, caving, hiking and other physical activities. The main guiding principle is “Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are integral to the balanced development of the whole person. Unhealthy lifestyles limit human potential and hinder progress in all dimensions of development.”

As well as caring for the students' physical well-being, the school provides a multi-tiered pastoral system to ensure that students are supported emotionally. Students have both "Toon parents" (House parents) and pastoral tutors who provide "listening ears" as well as helping students manage their time effectively to achieve a healthy balance between the numerous demands of their curricular, co-curricular and social programmes.

Listening between peers is also of a significant help. Taking this into consideration, twelve students, two from each Toon, are selected in order to assume the role of peer listeners . They are available to meet other students individually upon their request, ready to provide general support. They talk with peers about personal and academic issues, explore problems and possible solutions, find and give information, refer to other sources of help in the community. They are trained and constantly supervised by the Pastoral counsellor and by their Toon parents.