Humanitarians Gallery

The founders of UWC Dilijan are absolutely certain that school is not simply about getting an academic education. One of the most important objectives of an educational establishment is to nurture its students into becoming better people and accomplished professionals. As a school, UWC Dilijan aims at conveying the principles of humanity, compassion and empathy to its students.

Our gallery of humanitarians was compiled with the remarkable support and active contribution of Vartan Gregorian, the President of Carnegie Corporation of New York and member of the Board of Governors of UWC Dilijan. These are people who dedicated their lives to promoting human rights, equality and the right to an education. Every contribution they have made is a priceless gift for mankind. With each one of their selfless deeds, the world has taken a step closer to becoming a better place to live in. With this we acknowledge their commitment and encourage everyone who sets foot in this library to be inspired by the example of these people.