Our Campus

UWC Dilijan’s grounds extend over 8 hectares of spectacular sloping and wooded countryside, located in the Dilijan National Park.

The College’s architectural design aspires to inspire in the students the appreciation of learning and of how we all connect to the world and its shared resources. School spaces are designed to encourage collaborative learning, which is crucial for the development of a well-rounded student. The design also aims at providing access to knowledge anywhere at any time through technology that fuels a continuous, relevant and adaptive learning environment.

The highest international standards, most advanced environmentally friendly and renewable technologies employed in the construction include harvesting of natural springs, using rainwater for irrigation and recycling of greywater.


The College campus includes the following facilities:
  • School Main Academic and Administration Building (atrium, classrooms, labs), Library and Resource Centre, Integrated IT Facilities
  • Boarding Houses
  • Medical Centre
  • Outdoor Sports Facilities, Playing Fields (FIFA standard football pitch, tennis courts, squash courts, volleyball pitch)
  • Sports Complex (gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness centre)
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Performing Arts Centre and Main Dining Hall (concert hall, theatre, dance studio, music and drama departments)
  • Outdoor Learning Areas / Pods
  • Multi-functional Centre (dining hall and performance space)
  • Private Residential Area

Performing Arts Centre and Main Dining Hall, Staff Accommodation, supplementary Boarding Houses and Private Residential Area are envisioned to be constructed in the future.