College Cafeteria

The College cafeteria is the place that brings together all the community members – students, teachers and staff – for healthy and tasty meals every day.

Diverse food meeting different dietary demands

The Cafeteria chefs have a difficult task of satisfying the food demands of people from over 82 countries, so they provide a rich and diverse menu. Vegan food, dairy-free food, boiled food, halal food (obtained from the only certified producer in Armenia), gluten-free food and cereal products are all available and are properly labelled for the college community to make their choices.

The cafeteria provides food five times a day – three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks taken to the college (one at break time and one in the evening). During the lunch and dinner times they serve around six types of salad, six garnishes, three meat dishes (plus fish served three times a week), three types of soup as well as vegetable dishes, rice, potatoes and pasta as sources of carbohydrates every day. Cookies and cakes are served once a day.

Dishes from national cuisines

The Cafeteria occasionally serves themed meals from various national cuisines during cultural weeks, which are very popular with our students and staff and have become a college tradition. For instance, the Sushi Day during the Japanese cultural evening and the Seafood during the Mediterranean cultural week are among the most popular.

“In UWC Dilijan we have cultural weeks. During this week the students approach us and make suggestions of their national dishes. We then invite specialized cooks from our network in Yerevan to come and cook these dishes. They are professionals in their fields and have been certified on an international level”, says Cafeteria Manager Hakob Sulyan.

Cafeteria staff

The staff consists of 28 workers (locals), 12 of which are cooks. All the cooks have their areas of expertise – some specialize in salads and garnishes, some in meat dishes, others in desserts and cookies. There is also a trained nutritionist who oversees the quality of the food. Cafeteria manager Hakob Sulyan is a certified Food Protection Manager by ServSafe accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Sanitation and hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene are taken very seriously by the staff and all the required standards are maintained. All the workers wear proper clothing and hats; the tables and dishes are disinfected and cleaned three times a day, after each meal.

Students jobs in the cafeteria

Students are regularly involved in the Cafeteria. As part of their student jobs, they either assist in cooking or serving food, which they do with great pleasure.

Food Committee

At the college there is a special Food Committee comprised of students and staff. They monitor the food issues, discuss and improve the cafeteria service as well as propose new menu items according to the needs of the students.