Message from Architects

Established in 2006 with the head office in London, TFA’s international team of skilled architects and designers is renowned for a creative and bespoke approach to living and working spaces.

UWC Dilijan by Tim Flynn Architects is the first project in Armenia to receive a BREEAM certification. Tim Flynn Architects was involved in the selection of specifications and planning of all areas within the facility, in order to create a state-of-the-art academic building. A world-wide search for appropriate furniture suppliers was also carried out.

I became involved in the school project with the ‘Initiators’ because I was inspired by their passion and vision for private work that we had developed and built together. It is however through their commitment to and energy for their philanthropic work, particularly in Armenia, that I became interested in the development of architecture in Armenia.

When asked to comment on some of their future proposals I discovered that I supported their vision and as such wished to participate in a more meaningful way. After a short time I began to have a view of how, with the use of the various projects, one could establish an architectural practice in Armenia staffed fully by local architects and designers which would develop over time and become a resource for the future and ultimately a legacy for further young Armenian architects. The school is one such project.

Tim Flynn
Director/Founder of Tim Flynn Architects