Dilijan Arts Festival 2018

The inaugural Dilijan Arts Festival (DAF) was initiated by Helen, a second-year student from South Africa. She says: "At the beginning of my second year at UWC Dilijan, I was inspired to make use of the CAS programme at the college to initiate a community-based project centred on my field of interest – the arts. A musician myself, I recalled a memorable experience when I had spent a weekend in a small town in South Africa at a classical music festival. Combining my memory of that experience and my vision for the Dilijan Amphitheatre, the idea of the Dilijan Arts Festival was born."

Dozens of students gathered around the idea to restore Dilijan to its former glory as a cultural hub for the arts in Armenia and made the first step of organising the DAF. The festival brought together artists from Dilijan, neighbouring towns and Yerevan, as well as the students and the staff of UWC Dilijan.