Easter Long Weekend

Photos by Thawdar (Myanmar, UWCD'17 ) and Reka (Hungary, UWCD'17)

This long weekend coincided with the Easter and preceded the exam week for the DP1 students. Naturally, the majority stayed on campus, studying and getting ready for the exams. However, some of the students, mainly the DP2s went on what might turn out to be their last chance for the last chance to travel around Armenia. Just a little more than a month is left till their final IB exams, followed by the graduation, and afterwards, they will turn this page and set off to universities across the world.

So this long weekend was mainly about hiking, caving, staying with locals of small villages, talking to them and trying to capture the spirit of the country. Many of them will return to Dilijan, but for now it is a small good-bye to the mountains, people and the place they called home.

Waking up on our first day in the barrel-like little houses just emphasised the feeling of freedom and relaxation after this long 4 months of school. The view from Harsnadzor was just breathtaking and I could feel how my lungs are filling up with this crystal fresh air. Tatev monastery on the hill made me feel that the Earth and the sky actually touch in front of my eyes an it was also good that all of this was narrated by the familiar voice of our supervisor/guide.

I truly believe that everyone has to see this face of Armenia because there is nothing else can be compared with this natural harmony.

Reka (Hungary, UWCD'17)