Launching the Holiday Season

The 2017 holiday season began with the decoration of the school's winter tree.

On 1 December students gathered after classes to decorate the tree between the academic building and the sports hall. After a semester of hard work, decorating the winter tree was a way for students to get relaxed and excited for the festive season approaching, as well as to spend time with each other before leaving.

Each student attached a decoration on the tree, writing a wish on the decoration for the new year. Wishes included “Getting 45 on the IB”, “Happy New Year”, “Good Health”and “Get into University”. At first, students were unable to decorate the whole tree because the top of tree was too high to reach. Fortunately, students had access to the bobcat accompanied by a staff member to take them to the top of the tree and enabling them to decorate the upper half of it.The finished product shines in the school's yard, reminding students -as they walk to school- how close the holidays are.

Next, there was the indoor winter tree, or rather wish tree; during the break the entire community gathered to write their wishes on the decorations and sing and dance to some Christmas tunes. Thus, the holiday spirit was welcomed at UWC Dilijan.