Philosophy Camp

You don't study only in the classroom with a book in your hand. You learn from everyone and everything that surrounds you - the nature, your classmates, while collecting some wood and trying to make a fire. A photo story on the recent philosophy camp - starlit nights, long discussions and giving new definitions to familiar concepts.

Learning outside the classroom is one of the best experiences I've had! Not only did we discuss philosophical passages but we also bonded as a classroom. And when a classroom has that much chemistry, ideas will flow in class very smoothly. Enjoying each other's presences and stories under the stars makes the experience very immaculate!

- Luay, Lebanon

The sun is baking above us while we climb the mountainside. In the front, my Danish philosopher teacher walks with her American boyfriend, and around me - the rest of the philosophy class with all our gear. Behind me walk Max from Mexico and Lisa from Russia. We reach our destination – a little field surrounded by trees. I can hear the soft bubbling noise from a stream nearby, and when I turn around, I can see all over the valley. It's almost evening and the sun gives everything a beautiful orange glow. Excited we set up our tens, while Lykke and Alina from India start making the dinner. Afterwards, we roast marshmallows around the bonfire and tell stories from our homeland: Luay about his childhood in Lebanon and Cami about the life in Buenos Aires. It gets quite cold during the evening, but I'm warm and comfortable under my sleeping bag with the head on Lisa's belly. Thousands of stars light up the sky, and I slowly fall asleep to the sound of Kento singing an ancient Japanese song. It is defiantly one of the most amazing nights so far.

- Mathilde, Denmark