Shakespeare in Love - Theatre Showcase

Photos and text by Helen, South Africa, UWCD'18

The theme of the showcase was Shakespeare in Love. Each student selected a Shakespearean monologue, and adapted and directed these monologues in pairs. The central theme that tied the individual performances together was love, and the rhythmic soundtrack of a heart beating that played in between acts served as a reminder to the audience of our common humanity and shared experiences in love.

Some of the plays from which monologues were adapted were Othello, King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with adaptations set in modern-day Syria, a futuristic Swaziland, and 1970s Miami. Some interpretations were bare and minimalist; others more elaborate, but all spoke to the wide variety of emotions that make up human existence, particularly in love.

The night was a triumph, with the Theatre students impressing all who attended with the multiple skills they have learned over the past year, from acting to directing to costume design. Theatre as an artform is an expression of profound feeling, and none who attended the event left without having experienced an emotional journey of some kind.

Congratulations to the DP1 Theatre students – Ayee, Dalia, Daniel, Georgie, Rodger, Sona, Victoria, Vida and Yashmita – and to our Theatre teacher and Executive Producer of the performance, Shirin.