When you give to UWC Dilijan, you contribute to a better future

UWC Dilijan is part of a global education movement that aims to unite people, nations and cultures through education for peace and a sustainable future.

True to its mission, UWC Dilijan brings together students from 80 countries of the world in one place. The students are selected based on merit, regardless of their ethnic, social, religious, and financial background. Very few of them are able to pay their tuition unaided. Your generosity allows us to maintain the socio-economic diversity of our student body.

The College is an integral part of Dilijan and Armenia. It aims to have a transforming personal, local and global impact through innovative and holistic education with an overall goal of impacting the wider community as our students spread out across the globe. The School has become a hub where numerous educational and cultural projects are launched. To enable this, the College depends on donations.

Every contribution counts.


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Support Scholarships

Most students at UWC Dilijan come from underprivileged communities and families. The common thread that ties them together is their intellectual curiosity and motivation to make a difference in the place around them.

To make this happen, UWC Dilijan needs support because:

92% of our current students receive a full or partial scholarship and only 8% are able to pay their tuition unaided;

74% of the fee is the average scholarship value.

We are grateful for every act of giving that will bring us closer to supporting our students in having access to high quality education regardless their financial background.

A full year scholarship covers the tuition fee, medical insurance, room and boarding.

Give to the Endowment Fund

To ensure the long-term stability of the college we aim to raise funds for an endowment fund of US$200 million by 2024. The school will then be able to invest the endowment fund and use the income earned for scholarships and other operational needs (depending on the donors’ wishes).

Invest in Social and Educational Initiatives

Support Teaching and Learning

UWC Dilijan Social and Educational Initiatives Fund (SEIF) was established in 2017 with the aim to encourage and develop student and teacher-led projects and initiatives that would produce a continuous and consistent social impact. CaucasusConnect is one of the first projects, funded by the SEIF.

CaucasusConnect is a long-term project launched by the UWC Dilijan students to create a platform for initiatives that will connect the diverse peoples of the South Caucasus. It was inspired by the UWC model, aspiring to produce tangible impact for peace in this geopolitically conflicted region.

The UWC Dilijan students take part in the intensive experiential learning projects that enable them to apply their knowledge in practice and to develop skills of planning and leadership. The School has become a hub where numerous educational and cultural projects are launched.

Up till now the following initiatives have been implemented - artists in residence, field trips, inspirational speakers’ series, cultural programmes - these are several examples of the teaching and learning experience is fostered at UWC Dilijan.

Generational Commitment

Generational Commitment is your regular donation as alumni to the UWC Dilijan college that will help fund the studies of UWC Dilijan future students. Generational Commitment is a project that unites the UWC alumni generations across the UWC movement in all the 18 colleges. So everyone's contribution counts. Let’s make sure that the future generations in UWC Dilijan have the experience that you have had. Together we can make a difference!

Give to the Capital Development

UWC Dilijan continues seeking funds for the Phase II of capital development, which will include residences for students and the Theatre and Performing Arts Centre of regional importance.


The Theatre and Performing Arts Centre will provide a world-class concert space for orchestral performances, choral recitals, school assemblies, plays, musicals and examinations. The architectural plan includes a complex with a 650 seat state-of-the-art concert hall and facilities for chamber music recitals and classical concerts. An additional theatre space will provide flexible staging for plays, performances, rehearsals and master classes, seating 250 persons.

The Theatre and Performing Arts Centre is expected to become not only the heart of the school’s musical and social activity throughout the academic year, but also a cultural hub for Dilijan and the whole region.