When you give to UWC Dilijan, you contribute to a better future

UWC Dilijan is part of a global education movement that aims to unite people, nations and cultures through education for peace and a sustainable future.

True to its mission, UWC Dilijan brings together students from 80 countries of the world in one place. The students are selected based on merit, regardless of their ethnic, social, religious, and financial background. Very few of them are able to pay their tuition unaided. Your generosity allows us to maintain the socio-economic diversity of our student body.

The College is an integral part of Dilijan and Armenia. It aims to have a transforming personal, local and global impact through innovative and holistic education with an overall goal of impacting the wider community as our students spread out across the globe. The School has become a hub where numerous educational and cultural projects are launched. To enable this, the College depends on donations.

Every contribution counts.

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