Dilijan Development Foundation

The opening of UWC Dilijan College gave rise to a new initiative of the IDeA Foundation – the city’s development.

A project commenced in 2014 with the goal of turning Dilijan into an important cultural, educational and resort centre.

Core components of the project:

  • economic development of the city;
  • development of urban services and infrastructures;
  • education, culture and community life;
  • creation of educational, scientific and cultural infrastructure in the city and surrounding towns;
  • preservation of cultural and historical heritage;
  • participation in local community life and helping it to develop.

To achieve the stated goals, as part of the project, plans call for implementation of long-term programs fostering the region’s development, growth of investment attractiveness and tourist potential, as well as constructing Dilijan itself in compliance with contemporary urban development standards.

One of the first steps aimed at stimulating the city’s community life was the creation of a Community Centre.

Another program taking place as part of the Dilijan Development Project is the creation of a Women’s Resource Center providing local women with opportunities for self-realization as well as fostering their integration with the city’s socioeconomic life.