Scholae Mundi

Scholae Mundi is a platform which brings together the socially orientated innovative educational initiatives of three charities from Russia, Armenia and United Kingdom.

Scholae Mundi's Mission, as a non-profit entity, is to promote the most advanced educational practices, which in the long run will become catalysts for social change in the world. The Scholae Mundi platform combines the three charities of Scholae Mundi Armenia, Scholae Mundi Russia and Scholae Mundi UK, founded by entrepreneurs and philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend. The main activities of these three funds are the support of projects focused on education, arts and culture, social and regional development along with enhancements of recreational infrastructure.

Scholae Mundi aims to provide opportunities to our youth for the development of the knowledge, skills and the universal moral and ethical values that will guide them throughout their lives. It is an umbrella for various new educational platforms with partners. Also, the Foundation strives to develop a creative and friendly venues where young people can explore and originate new ideas and projects, and help bring them to fruition.

Further information is available on the Scholae Mundi website.